Political Marketing International, Inc. has been providing automated calls since 1998 for political candidates, campaign consultants, PAC's and organizations for polling and various other applications of automated calls. PMI works directly with consultants and candidates at all levels of the political spectrum including school committee and county races.

Automated polling is inexpensive, extensive and, above all, accurate. This polling style reaches and reflects the voice of the voter in a manner that person-to-person or volunteer calls cannot match.

We recommend at least 5,000 numbers be called in a small race and at least 10,000 numbers in a larger race. We do however conduct surveys with as little as 2,500 numbers called.

Our polling has a + or - 5% margin of error.
Data is vital in our polling. We advise clients to provide the most current data available. If a client is not going to provide data, we can obtain data for an additional cost.

Automated polling works. Its not only quick, but its proficient and cost-effective. Our surveys allow you to plan and execute direct mail and crucial GOTV efforts more effectively. Please contact me for more information... I want to help you win your race.

Jerry L. Dorchuck
President, PMI, Inc.

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